20 February 2020 Dedicated velocity and methane concentration measurements at Jankowice mine

The measurement goals were:
• Determination of the air stream velocity and methane concentration profile at the outlet of the ventilation region.
• Methane concentration distribution measurements along the longwall (during shearer operation.

21-st and 22 nd of January 2020 The Second Coordination Meeting, Cracow

The meeting focused on the review of the Mid Term Report preparation and deliverables due  by the end of 2019. Also several aspects of actions planned for the year 2020 have been discussed.

1-st of July 2019 The WP3 technical coordination meeting, Cracow

The main subject of the meeting was coordination of the Work packages 2 and 3, and planning of coordination/technical meetings. A progress in preparation of continuous monitoring of methane drainage and collection of data for mine Jankowice longwalls has been made.

16-18 June 2019 Dedicated velocity and methane concentration measurements at Velenije mine

The measurement goals were:
• Determination of the air stream velocity profile in the selected cross sections of longwall area, as well as determination of the discussed quantities in selected cross section located in tailgate.
• Methane concentration distribution measurements along the longwall and in selected cross sections.

Within 3 days, the measurement team performed tests in 4 longwall cross-sections and 1 tailgate cross-section (using Extensible Scaffold), and 12 measurements of methane concentration in selected points along the longwall. All the measurements, except the first set from 16.05.2019 took places at least within whole shift

29 May 2019 Test measurement at Jankowice mine

Main goals for the measurement in the Z-11 longwall were:
• Testing of the new equipment,
• Establishing the scaffolds unfolding procedure ,
• Collecting data to data analysis procedures preparation and testing (determination of the air stream velocity profile in the selected cross sections of longwall area)
Within 1 day, the measurement team performed tests in 1 longwall cross-section (using Extensible Scaffold).

24 and 25-th of January 2019 The First Coordination Meeting, Velenije

The main part of the meeting was focused on current tasks of work packages 2 and 3. Specific aspects of collecting field data have  been discussed. Then further WP5 and WP6 packages have been mentioned in terms of their connection with current the work. As an follow up of discussion regarding the tasks of WP2 and WP3 packages an extensive information about the Velenije Mining Method was given. Detailed knowledge on the exploitation method and longwall procedures will help in proper interpretation of the monitoring data, planning experiments and modeling.
The meeting continued on the following day. Its main part was a site visit at one of the longwalls selected for planned measurements. Visitors could see the local conditions and on site get an information on specific aspects of mining, environment, gas drainage form the CMV’s guides. After a visit discussion of planned actions within WP2 and WP3 was continued, until all rising issues  have been addressed

The Kick-Off Meeting at IMG PAN

The PICTO Kick-Off Meeting was organized in Cracow, Poland by IMG PAN. The aim of the meeting was to introduce participants and outline the scope of the Project initiating and boosting its activities. Representatives of all participants took part in it.
Prior to the meeting some sets of technical questions have been sent to the representatives of Eickhoff and the Industrial Partners, which resulted in addressing those issues within the frames of their presentations. Following usual habit the Representatives of all Partners have introduced themselves in short presentations focused on the aspects connected with the scope of the Project.
The second step was the Project overview, which was followed with presentation and detailed discussion of important aspects of the Project activities, structured into the Work Packages and Tasks. Remaining part of the Meeting was conducted in an interactive mode with immediate answering to the questions of participants and discussion of all arising issues.

The Grant Agreement signed by all Parities
The Project Proposal has reached the stage of Grant Agreement preparation

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